Web design and marketing may not be automatically seen as the perfect pairing, but from our experience as a leading web design agency for Guildford, it can make a world of difference to your brand and sales. 



It can be a vicious circle of what to focus on when building a company. As you can have a wonderful web design, but if no one knows you exist, it doesn’t make any difference whether your website looks visually appealing or not. While at the same time, if you focus too much on marketing and ignore the design, you can be sending hundreds of viewers to your site, only to have them immediately leave again because the website looks terrible. Branding can change everything for a company. You need both aspects of marketing and design in order for your business to succeed. Our designers create brand guidelines that can be transferred to all of your documentation so that you present a professional image. From specific colours to fonts and styles, these aspects can mean the difference between gaining a customer and losing one. 


SEO content 

You may think that SEO is purely marketing, but it is included in design too. Part of the design is to incorporate the right amount of content so that the right keywords can be added, without overcrowding the page and disrupting the design. SEO adds to the number of viewers, so if the design limits the number of keywords, it can reduce your sales. Blogs are another aspect that can make a big difference. In web design, a blog isn’t always chosen, but for most customers, we recommend this, as well as building in WordPress. This blogging platform can boost your SEO rankings further as you can optimise your blog. From a design point of view, you can make these pages more aesthetically pleasing to encourage people to keep reading. 



One of the biggest things a web designer has to keep in mind is user experience (UX). The flow of the website is key for both the design and the SEO. If you have an easily navigable landing page that provides the user with all the required information immediately, they’re more likely to stay and read another page. This means that those that click on your ads are more likely to convert or become return visitor. This will boost your organic traffic by word of mouth.


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