Social media marketing can be tricky. Most people believe in utilising social media only as an ‘awareness booster’, however, this is not all it can be used for. More people now than ever use social media, with the majority of users spending more than two hours a day on browsing through various content, sometimes making purchases through ads or influencer profiles. As a marketing agency in Surrey, we know that social media marketing can be very successful through usage of first party data, here is how;


What Is First Party Data?


Collected directly from your customers, first-party data is more relevant than that by a third party. Instead this data comes from channels that you own, such as your website, app, or emails. The significance of this is that there is a direct correlation between the person whose data is being collected and the business which is collecting it. In contrast, third party data is usually just collected from multiple websites or platforms and then clustered together by third-party data providers.


How Can You Use First Party Data?


So what are the benefits of first party data? Let’s take a look at how it can be used. Our marketing agency in Surrey can use first party data for a variety of purposes, including;


Gaining Audience Insights


You can analyse your data and scope out what characteristics your audience have in common. This can help you pinpoint your audience, and allow you to target new customers through these similarities.


Predict Future Patterns


First party data will allow you to predict future patterns such as audience behaviour, with accuracy and ease. If your customer purchases a certain product such as a specific shampoo, you may be able to infer that they will purchase the product again. Similarly you can use first party data to figure out what kind of ads your audience prefers. If your audience rarely ever clicks on video ads, you can cease targeting them with these in the future – essentially streamlining your marketing. 


Personalized Content And Advertising 


By looking at the content that your audience has viewed before, you can target them more personally in the future. Once you know what your audience is responding to, you can show them more targeted ads, suiting their specific interests. 


So How Is This Relevant To Social Media?


Now we have established the usages of first party data, lets now apply this to social media. When targeting followers, you need to be hitting the mark with your ads. Otherwise, you risk becoming lost in the endless sea of content. Utilising your first party data can change your social media marketing strategy for the better. This is because it helps expand your audience by running comparison checks on the data from your social media followers profiles. Essentially, your first party data will allow you to avoid trial and error. This in turn helps you to spend less time playing guessing games and more time converting leads.


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