This guide covers how SEO and PPC campaigns work together, and how they affect one another. The following will include the best practises for combining the two to benefit your business or service, Thunderbolt Digital is a digital marketing agency in Surrey that specialises in both SEO and PPC as well as web development. 


What Is PPC?

PPC, short for pay-per-click advertising, refers to the advertising websites that feature at the top of google searches before actual websites appear. It is called pay per click due to companies paying for the ads when they are clicked by an individual browsing the internet.

PPC ads represent an affordable way to reach new customers searching for specific products, services or advice across the internet. However, certain words/phrases cost more which is all based on competition. Let’s take headphones for example, a well-searched topic. As more people are searching headphones compared to oven cleaning products for instance, advertising the words headphones is going to cost you more.


What Is SEO?

SEO, short for search-engine-optimisation, is the process in which websites try to improve their search ranking. Search ranking is the order of a website’s rank for specific google searches. If someone is searching for ‘best shoes’, websites that have more keywords will appear before websites that don’t. If you apply this to your life, if you search something on google you do not go to the 7th page, you click the first one or two websites that pop up. To improve a website’s SEO, companies include certain keywords in the description of products or pages. You can also improve your search engine ranking by including keywords or phrases in the meta descriptions and acquiring links from related websites.


Does PPC Affect SEO, Or Is It Vice Versa?

In short neither SEO or PPC negatively affect one or another, if anything they work better together. Having PPC advertisements running will not affect your sites ranking, and your sites rank will not affect your ads.

By implementing both marketing strategies you could be ranking higher on google which means you’re more likely to gain website traffic, whilst also advertising at the top of the page to acquire leads/sales. SEO + PPC = Increased search engine presence, PPC + SEO = Recovering missed search engine clicks.


How PPC benefits SEO?

PPC allows you to test new keywords for SEO, SEO usually takes a considerable amount of time. Instead of assuming what keywords will perform well for your website, let PPC do the hard work. Simply pick a keyword that you believe may rank highly and purchase PPC advertising for it, you will be able to monitor results based on its success. If it goes well you will know to add the specific phrase or keyword, if it doesn’t you know to avoid it. 


Need Help Creating These Campaigns? Perhaps You Need A Website Re-Build, Thunderbolt Can Help You

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