We’re a PPC agency in Surrey that specialises in online marketing. So we know how important it is to create a marketing content calendar. But how do you go about creating one, and what do you need to include? Here’s a guide to get you started:


How to start?

So you’ve decided to create a marketing content calendar. Your first question may be: How do I start? What program should you use to create your calendar? Our Surrey PPC agency uses Excel Sheets to create ours, but you can use whatever program works for you. We keep the Excel spreadsheet of our calendar in Google Drive in a folder everyone has access to. Which makes it much easier for the whole team to find and use it.



Our PPC agency in Surrey has lots of different departments working together like PPC, SEO, social media, web design and web development. Therefore, staying organised is crucial. Make sure everyone involved on the account has access to the marketing calendar, and get them to keep the calendar updated with their schedule. For example, include what days you plan to post on social media, what day your blogs will be uploaded, when your PPC ads are running, and when you plan to send out an email for email marketing. Especially when lots of people are involved, this will help to keep everyone informed and updated of what is happening and when. This will also help make it easier content creation. For example, if you’re an ecommerce business and you have an upcoming sale, this would be perfect for a social media or PPC campaign. And with this info in your handy marketing calendar – your team can plan their content. It will also help ensure you have an integrated marketing campaign.



To avoid confusion and maximise the organisation, create a key at the top of the spreadsheet. Give each activity, such as SEO, PPC and social media, a different colour to make it easier to identify each area on the calendar. 



In your calendar, you could keep a separate tab of ideas, whether that be for SEO, PPC or social media. This helps to encourage and facilitate collaboration among colleagues as everyone can add to the ideas. 


Key Dates

To help with content creation, try adding some key dates into your calendar that are relevant to your business. Can you use any of these in your marketing strategy? For example, if you’re a personal trainer why not use “National Personal Trainer Awareness Day” to educate your audience about your industry, or the day to day activities of your job?  Our PPC agency in Surrey has a central marketing calendar we like to use, but there are many online such as the National Day Calendar that you can use.


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