How do you know if you’ve gone with the right digital agency for your business? Well, the simple answer is, often, you can’t know until it’s too late. You find out when your website or marketing campaign doesn’t achieve lift off. Or the results you were promised just don’t come in. But rather than cross your fingers, here are some key ways to tell if you’ve gone with the right agency from the start.

Prompt communication

Your agency communicates with you promptly. They get back to you on the same day you email them. They call you back when they say they will. You get regular updates. You don’t have to chase them. You don’t get fobbed off that someone was ‘really busy’. 

You may be thinking, why is prompt communication so important? As a digital agency Surrey, we respect our clients by replying to you as quickly as possible (usually within the day!). As we actively work on your account every week, we have things to update you on! If an agency doesn’t have anything to update you on, that might mean that they’re not actively working on your account…

Deadlines are hit

The agency you’ve chosen hit their deadlines. Especially the ones they’ve agreed to with you. All too often we hear from our clients that the previous agency/freelancer they worked with didn’t deliver anything! Our mark of success is happy clients with completed or ongoing projects that are transforming their business. Hear from our recent clients in our case studies.

Visible team

If you’ve chosen an agency over a freelancer, you’ll implicitly need to have met more than one person. Have you met the rest of the team? Do you know who the designer, developer, account manager and other employees working on your project are? If you don’t, your project could be offshored or outsourced – not exactly the experience you thought you were paying for!

As a Surrey digital agency, we host face-to-face meetings or online meetings with our clients so you can meet the full team that will be working on your account. We’re a real agency, all working together in our Farnham-based office (when Covid restrictions allow us to!). You’ll have a direct line to everyone working on your project so we can deliver your vision and the results you want!

No hidden costs

There’s a certain element of needing to pay some of your project upfront, but really, the bulk of the project amount should be paid once it’s complete. Do the costs your agency is charging keep creeping up and up? Or are there things that you weren’t quoted for that have suddenly appeared on your invoice? 

We always give our prospective clients a full upfront quote before you go ahead with us. That means there’s transparency and no hidden costs further down the line.

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