As a full service digital agency, Thunderbolt are always keeping our eye on the ball to make sure that we keep up with marketing Surrey trends and find new ways to help SMEs that want (and need!) to increase their online exposure. Some startups and small businesses often make a Twitter account and then quickly give up or neglect it, meaning they’re missing out on a vital marketing tool; these marketing figures show us exactly how valuable Twitter is and why SMEs should stick at it, even when the going gets tough.

85% of followers feel more connected with business after following them

Connecting and engaging with your audience is a great way to create a good impression of your business, as well as encourage brand loyalty. This in turn can lead to conversions, and repeat custom as your brand comes to be seen as an authority; not only this, but you may see free advertising in the form of word of mouth.

79% of users recommend brands they follow on Twitter

Customers are far more likely to recommend businesses that they have had a good experience with, and that they trust; as mentioned above, connecting with followers can build a positive relationship, as well as trust. If you appear regularly on a customer’s timeline, and properly engage with them, you will be seen as a steady and reliable figure – one which they won’t have any trouble recommending!

94% of customers plan to purchase from SMEs they follow on Twitter

Most customers follow SMEs on Twitter with intent to buy – which is fantastic news for any of you with a Twitter that’s gaining followers! Bear in mind that this should also serve as a reminder to keep your content relevant and targeted. Unrelated funny or quirky posts are alright in moderation to humanise your brand, but users will primary go elsewhere for humour and will look to you instead for information surrounding your area of expertise.

69% of people purchased from SMEs because of something they saw on Twitter

It goes to show that Twitter doesn’t just function as a way of spreading news and brand awareness! Users do actually purchase things based on content posted to Twitter by SMEs – which is why it’s so important to include links to your website and product pages!

Over half of Twitter users have purchased a product they first learned about on Twitter

Not only are SME Twitter pages leading to more sales, but many users are learning of new products via Twitter! It’s always good to keep your audience updated with any new products, activities and ventures you’re planning  not only will it keep them in the loop but it may lead to, well, a lead!

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