The online world is a constantly shifting and changing one, and Thunderbolt Digital, a trusted ppc company in Surrey, were actually advising our clients only a few years ago to focus on SEO (search engine optimisation) rather than PPC (pay per click). However, things have since shifted, and we now find that our most successful clients use a combination of both to reach their target audience. But PPC can work out to be more costly than SEO – so what extra benefits is it bringing to the table?


Instant Results

Once you’ve set up your PPC campaign, your ads will immediately begin to roll out, and you should see a spike in traffic, assuming you have formulated your campaign well. In contrast, attempting to build SEO or other organic impressions can take much more time.


Peace of Mind

You may see those who work with SEO lose their heads every time Google or another platform updates – this is because best practice can often change and what was working successfully before may now no product the same results as before. PPC campaigns are immune to this and will always be right where you put them, not two pages further back after an algorithm is refreshed. However, if you happen to appear both organically and as paid content, you’re only increasing the amount of impressions you receive, and can start towards brand domination.


Enhanced Targeting

Usually in marketing you need to consider your target audience to make sure that your content appeals to them, but you will have little control over who is actually viewing your content in the first place. PPC campaigns, on the other hand, can allow you to target certain people by factors including geographic location, age ranges, gender, interests, and more.


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