Businesses invest in web design or create a site themselves usually for the following reasons; to appear professional, increase brand awareness and to convert visitors into leads. Getting visitors to look at your site, however, can be difficult as hundreds of variables take effect. A website with little to no conversions could similarly be compared to a car without wheels, taking you nowhere. It’s difficult to identify what impact will benefit your website’s accessibility and awareness the most, that’s where Thunderbolt Digital can help. Offering in-house web design in Surrey, our expert team could help transform your businesses website to the next level. 


Improving Your Website

Trying to improve your website is easier said than done, the best place to start is in the mind of a customer browsing. If you begin to think like a customer you may identify some changes you think would be necessary. Seeking advice/feedback from previous customers will allow you to get an insight into their thought processes and recommendations. Perhaps they found a product hard to find or the site was too confusing to navigate around. By creating engaging content and imagery, browsers may be more inclined to read on or view what service or product you have to offer. 


The Psychology

On average you have around 8 seconds to create an interesting headline or landing page to maintain the viewer’s attention. Bear in mind the majority of users visiting your site have no intention of purchasing, that’s why it’s essential to engage and persuade your customers to sign up or convert to become a lead. Simply adding product videos as opposed to paragraphs of text could be the difference between 500 people leaving or 500 people converting. As online ‘patience’ decreases annually, selling your product or service needs to be done in the fastest way possible. Another factor involving patience includes your site’s load speed, no one likes waiting. Especially if you’re waiting  to make a purchase, having a fast website is essential for increasing your conversion rate, every second counts. 


Where To Start

Highlight your unique selling point/proposition on the first page that appears when a user clicks on your site. Explain your product or service and highlight the reasons why they should do business with you and how it will benefit them. What are the reasons customers would choose your business as opposed to your competitors? Is it the money-back guarantee? Free shipping and postage?

Solve questions and prevent doubt from the start, including a video of how your business operates may improve the browsers confidence when choosing your business. Including customer reviews at the top of the page also increases customer confidence, as being able to read reviews from prior customers may help eliminate doubts viewers may have. 

Short contact forms allow only the essential data to be taken and prevents wasting the customers time. Put this into perspective, you want to sign up for something but see you need to fill in 20 lines of information. No one wants to sit there and input these, chances are they’re going to leave and not return. Instead, try to narrow it down to 3-4, email, phone number, name and enquiry are the essentials.


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