PPC can seem confusing at the outset. There are many variables and things can often slip through the cracks. Trying to keep a track of everything can seem impossible. To try and simplify it slightly, have a look at our tips. These can help you prioritise your time and get the results you want. As a experts in Surrey web design, PPC and SEO our digital marketing agency can offer you the best insights into getting the most out of your PPC campaigns. 


Structure your account well

Imagine you are a garden centre. You stock hundreds of different products. How do you market them all? The way to do this is to split it down. In your PPC account are campaigns. Inside campaigns are ad groups, and within ad groups you have ads. Look at all of your products as a whole and split them into sections. For example, “Garden Tools”, “plants”, “soil and nutrients”, and “plant pots”. These different categories become your campaigns. To decide your ad groups, take each campaign and split it down further. For example, for plants you could have: “evergreens”, “perennials” and “bulbs”. Then in each ad group, you can then split it into ads depending on what you want to sell most of, or you can keep them generic for that ad group. 


Pick your keywords carefully

Try to aim for 10-20 keywords per ad group. This means that you are gaining a variety of people looking for your products, without getting irrelevant searches. Make sure to add negative keywords too as these can ensure that you are utilising all of your ad spend effectively. Try not to use keywords that overlap too much. For example, having “terracotta pots” and “terracotta pot” is a waste of a keyword as if you have it set to broad match, Google will display your ad to anyone searching for this phrase, even if it has spelling mistakes, synonyms, slight variations or plurals. 


Start broad and then narrow your audience

If you are starting your account from scratch, we recommend that you go broad. Pick up any interest there is for the first few weeks to see what traction you can gain. If this method is gaining you a huge level of impressions and a good level of clicks then you can begin to hone your targeting. This allows you to market to those that are most likely to buy. To do this, you need to change the match types of your keywords from broad match to either phrase match or exact match. This means that you aren’t getting as many long tail keyword searches as you had previously. Furthermore, you should always start an account on max clicks. This is to aid in getting traction to start off with and gain data. After a few weeks, you can then swap this to max conversions. 


Walk a mile in your audience’s shoes

What do you want to see when you search on Google? Put yourself in the shoes of the people you want to attract. What would they look for? Speak the language they want to hear. When writing ad copy consider the needed parts of the ads. Don’t put in unnecessary waffle as the character limit can sometimes be unforgiving. Double check everything you write: spelling mistakes can make or break your ad! 


Aim for quality over quantity

When creating a PPC campaign, keep in mind your goal. If your aim is to gain leads, try to aim for quality rather than quantity. One lead worth £5,000 is much better than three leads that are worth £200 each. 


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