Marketing has begun to take over our lives. Hidden within our facebook feeds, in the corners of our google searches, online marketing is the underlying foundation of any products or services you find online. You may not consider it “marketing” but trust us; it’s a main part of what we do. Every time you click to see more, that’s a success for us, sometimes you do it without thinking about it. That’s the power of PPC. 


What is PPC?


PPC is an abbreviation for “pay per click”. It is the process of displaying your ads to the public over platforms like Google and Facebook. PPC means that you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. You don’t pay for people seeing it, only interacting with it. This means that you can get your ad seen by thousands of people, without paying for anything unless they click for more information. 


Making the right Ad 


Where do you start with an Ad? You need to make the right ad for your target audience. First you need to decide who that is. Are they young? Old? Then create your messaging around that. Imagine you are writing to a specific person. What would they want to read? What would make them click? Then go from there, write for them. If you have several audiences, make several ads and target each audience individually. Not sure which ad is better? That’s where an A/B test comes in handy. This helpful tool allows you to test both ads over a period of time to see which would improve better. In ads manager you  can see its performance, through the level of impressions, amount spent per day and the click through rate (CTR). Overtime, this allows you to see which ad would perform better. 


What platforms to use


Unless you’ve been in marketing before, knowing where to start and what platform to use isn’t always easy. You need to think of your demographic here. Age is a big factor of what service to use. An age group younger than 25 is more likely to spend time on Instagram whereas those over the age of 30 are more commonly seen on facebook. Factors such as these mean that you find the right platform before you even start targeting.

Google is slightly different in that it is used by all, no matter their age. It is a platform that uses a larger variety of ad types including banner, skyscraper and competitor cookies campaigns. These allow Google to see that you have accessed the site of a competitor and shows you our ad when you next type something into Google. This allows us to target people that the ad is relevant to, rather than bothering the wrong people. 


How to target


Targeting on Ads is extremely important. There’s no point in wasting your money on people that wouldn’t click. It’s silly to target Business managers in an ad that is designed to attract builders. This is where targeting comes in. With online marketing there are different platforms that all vary in what they can optimise for. However, in almost all platforms you can target for occupation, region, interests, age, gender; the options are almost scary about how much google knows about us. This information can help get your ad in front of people that are more likely to seek more information or buy your product. Therefore, if you own a baking company in Farnham, you can optimise for those that are Chefs or home cooks that are interested in baking, that live in Surrey. PPC targeting changes the way we market. 




The hidden part of PPC is how much it can cost you. This is a crucial part. You have to find the balance between spending too little and not getting enough leads, and spending too much money and going over budget. You have to weigh this up against your ROI as to whether you can afford to increase your budget. Furthermore, some audiences may be more interactive with your ads, meaning that you should move your ad spend over ads that are performing less well, rather than just adding to the budget each time. 


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