Google Ads can be an immensely powerful tool for your business. Google is the predominant search engine that most people use to make searches. This makes it a great tool for increasing leads, conversions and sales. This guide, written by a team of web designers in Surrey, will take a closer look at Google Ads and, more specifically, the different types of campaigns you can run through this tool. 

What is Google Ads? 

Google Ads is a paid online advertising tool provided by Google. Once called Google Adwords, the tool was rebranded as Google Ads in 2018. In essence, it works by tracking keywords searched by users on search engine results pages. Through Google Ads you can include paid advertisements for keywords that are searched. 

Types Of Google Ad Campaigns – An Overview

There are a range of different campaign types that Google provides. These include: 

  • Search Campaigns 
  • Display Campaigns 
  • Shopping Campaigns 
  • Video Campaigns 
  • App Campaigns

Search Campaign

One of the simplest and most common campaigns Google Ads offers is the search campaign. In search campaigns, ads appear as a text ad in search engine result pages for specific keywords. 

These ads can be identified on your results page with a black “Ad” symbol alongside the URL. 

Shopping Campaign

These types of campaigns allow you to promote in a visually appealing way with the use of images. These are great if you’re looking to sell a physical product. A proven way to get qualified leads, this campaign type showcases your product directly to potential customers. 

Display Campaign

The display network works by leveraging Google’s vast quantity of website partners. Display ads showcase your ad on different websites across the internet. On top of this, they also appear in a variety of different ways. 

Video Campaign 

Distinct from other ads we have discussed, video campaigns include ads that appear in the front of YouTube videos as pre-rolls. This can also be included as part of a display network as we have previously covered. However, video campaigns allow you to focus solely on this type of advertisement. 

App Campaign

Much like video ads, app ads can be included within display networks but can also be used for targeted campaigns as well. This campaign type does not require you to design each individual app ad. For these, they’ll take your text and assets including photos and furnish the ad on your behalf. 


We hope this guide helped shed light on the different ad and campaign types that you can run through Google Ads. From search campaigns to video and app campaigns, there are a range of options available to you. Thus, you should be able to find the right solution for your business. Regardless of the campaign type you choose, ensure that you make your ads as attention grabbing as possible whilst avoiding producing click bait that will alienate customers . This is especially important when deciding your headlines within search campaigns amongst other campaign types.

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