If you are new to marketing or having a go yourself, there are some aspects of PPC that can seem complicated such as the CTR. The click through rate helps you see the effectiveness  of your ad. It measures how often people click on your ad when it’s shown to them. Here’s a quick guide from a web agency in Surrey on how to analyse it and if needed, how to boost it. 

Why have you got a low CTR?

A low CTR can occur for several reasons. It is possible that your targeting is very broad, or your messaging isn’t quite right. You have to put yourself in the mind of the person seeing the ad. If you were browsing the web for a new dishwasher and saw an ad for a fridge, it would be of no use to you so you wouldn’t click on it. Or if you were looking for an eco friendly cleaning product but the ad copy didn’t specify that it was, you possibly wouldn’t click on the ad. These are all contributing factors. 


Is this a bad thing?

The simple answer is, no. It may seem like a really bad thing, but sometimes it isn’t. If your CTR is low but you are still getting conversions, then there is less of an issue. It could well be the case that your targeting is very broad on purpose in order to capture all the traffic possible. But as long as your ad copy is specific enough, you are only attracting the exact right people to your site. This gives off the appearance of a low CTR as you have a very large impression rate and a small number of clicks. However, if you are completing this effectively, then the supposed issue of having a low CTR isn’t as important.

How can you fix this?

You can improve this by narrowing your targeting so that your impression rate is lower. Another option is to change your ad copy to make it more specific or use brand terms to entice people looking for specific products. Try to improve your quality score and use more extensions. This will entice more people to click on your ads. If this still doesn’t work, try split testing ad copy to see if a certain type performs better than another. Or you could change your keywords to a more specific group to better match what your audience is looking for. 

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