When writing ad copy, whether it’s for a blog or Google ads, there are some places many people trip up. It can be too easy to change tone of voice part way through or write as if you are talking to a good friend. In some cases (but not always) this can be detrimental to your ads. For the best results follow the key best practices. As one of the top performing marketing agencies in Surrey we have created some starting points for you to consider:

Target Audience

Writing to your specific audience can be hard at first. If this is the case, try creating a persona. This is a character that you create to help humanise who your audience is. You pick everything from their name, what they look like, their job, their interests and family. You then have your perfect person that fits your audience. This allows you to pretend you are writing to them when you type it out. And if you think they wouldn’t be receptive to what you have written, then you know you need to change it. 

Colloquial Speech

It’s often tempting to write as though you are talking to your friend when writing a blog. In some cases this can work well, but depending on the feel of your business and the type of audience you are targeting, it may not be the best decision. If this is the case, try not to abbreviate your writing, or use language that your target audience wouldn’t be familiar with. You need to appeal to them as your top priority. 

Engage the Reader

Be relevant. Write to entice the reader. You need to display all the information that your reader is looking for. Display brand attributes (the culture and style of your business) and most importantly, your point of difference. Whether it’s free delivery or a wide range of colours, make sure to highlight this in your copy. Use the opportunity to rave about your company, draw the attention of your audience by offering them something your competitors can’t. Take a step up from your competitors’ ads, think of copy that would make someone pick you over them! 

Hit their Pain Points

Make your audience feel like they’re missing out on something great. Pressing on a potential customer’s ‘pain point’ is a great way to engage them more as they will feel like they need your product more than they did previously. If they are searching for a new top, mention how yours lasts longer than your competitors, or that they are more sturdy and less likely to have holes in them. This is hitting the pain point as you have displayed to them what is wrong with the products they already have, and shown how yours are different from them. 

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