If you’re struggling for a way to get your company and its products seen, PPC can help. It is the best kind of marketing when it comes to awareness and website traffic when you need a quick fix to boost your sales. But it isn’t perfect. As a PPC agency in Surrey, we are used to clients coming to us having tried this themselves, but only ended up with a hefty bill! Let’s change that. 


Change your approach

For any business, the end goal in any form of marketing is always to complete a sale or gain a lead. But this is the END goal. With PPC it is often a different strategy you want to start with. Try to get viewers to your site using a traffic lead strategy such as max clicks. This will allow you to build up your viewer base, and will result in more repeat viewers as they research your products. It creates trust and often leads to referrals too. 


Set a budget and stick to it

As a PPC agency in Surrey, for each of our clients we have a monthly budget. It is best practice for you to set one too. The way Google ads work is that you can set a daily budget. This amount can be found by dividing your monthly budget by 30.4. Once you have set this budget, you don’t have to worry about it overspending. But please be aware that this daily budget can fluctuate day to day as Google takes into account factors like the day, season and likelihood of getting clicks on that day; so when you check the spend, it may look as if it has spent more, when in reality it has funnelled spend to a particular day for more success. This can happen on the other side too when an account looks as if it is underspending, so don’t worry if this is the case. 


 Monitor and optimise

Your account will always need at least a daily check to make sure that no ads or campaigns have been disapproved by Google, and that the spend is on track for the month. You should have an in-depth look at your account at least once a week. Try to compare the results you are seeing to the last month, as well as the same time last year. This will highlight any discrepancies in the data shown, so you can take action if needed to optimise your account for better results. 


Add negative keywords!

Negative keywords are your friend! They may seem unnecessary but they can really help to tailor your viewers to the exact people you are targeting. They ensure that no one ends up on your site who’s searching for something you don’t sell. Check your search term report once a week to see the keywords people have used that made them end up at your site. If any don’t seem right, simply add them as a negative keyword and they will be directed elsewhere; this way you won’t be spending money on traffic you don’t want. 


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