Over the last year of lockdowns, many businesses have moved their sales online. This shift has changed a lot of things for companies as well as customers. Did you know that 61% of customers now shop online? Take a look at some of our surrey marketing agency PPC suggestions to attract your potential market that’s grown hugely over lockdowns:


In-Market Audiences

For most businesses, the main purpose of PPC is to make sales quickly and increase your revenue. One way to ensure you are going to achieve this is through your targeting. There are several sections to targeting, but in our experience as a Surrey marketing agency, we suggest using in-market audiences for the biggest impact in a small time frame. This method allows you to show your ads to people actively looking for your products or similar products. Choosing this approach means that people seeing your ads are already ‘warmed up’ to your products and are looking to purchase soon. 



Many customers don’t buy the first product they see. As a digital marketing Surrey agency, we know the vast majority of customers to shop around before buying a product; they click on several brands and often come back to the ones they like. One way to ensure they come back to you is through remarketing. These are the ads that follow you through your searches. They are generally imagery and information of a product you have recently viewed. Through PPC, you can target those that have visited a certain product or page, but did not purchase. This allows you to prompt them to come back with specific targeted advertising. 


Facebook And Instagram

Pay-Per-Click marketing doesn’t just apply to Google, Bing and other search engines. It also includes things such as Facebook ads. With our mobile first society, A great way to target your customers is with ads that they will see while scrolling social media. You can target demographically and by interests to gain brand awareness and trust.


How Thunderbolt Can Help Your Business 

Thunderbolt Digital has numerous PPC specialists in our Surrey marketing agency. We are well versed in taking over and creating the ideal strategy for your brand. Whatever business you have, we can help you to reach the new level with set goals and targets each month. Get in touch with us today. 


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