PPC doesn’t always look easy. With variables left right and centre, it can sometimes feel like a minefield. But there are some simple tricks of the trade we can share with you that can make it all a bit more manageable. If you’re new to marketing and need to boost your skills, or if you’re trying to market your business yourself, as an expert PPC agency in Surrey we have put together a intermediate guide to help you.


Bidding strategies

Targeting for PPC may at first seem confusing, but looking into utilising different strategies, based on your wants or needs, can make your job a bit easier. 

  • CPA Targeting 
  • ROAS Targeting
  • Impression Share Targeting
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Manual or Enhanced CPC
  • Maximise Clicks

These strategies allow you to target specific outcomes for your campaign. Target CPA is cost per acquisition. This uses historical data from the company itself or from Google to back this up and make sure the target is reachable. This bidding strategy is perfect for companies that have set a max cost per conversion in order to be more certain that they will break even. This strategy allows you to gain the highest amount of conversions while not exceeding your budget. 

Target ROAS is based on return on ad spend. This method is best used when you have set a minimum return so that you can make a profit and this strategy is predominantly used by ecommerce sites. 

Try to target Impression Share allows you to set a target for impressions, as well as position the point at which your ad appears for these impressions. You can also use this strategy to show your ads more often for keywords you’re bidding for. This is mostly used for branding campaigns but can be used in most circumstances.

Maximise conversions strategy is generally used to expand an already successful campaign. This method is likely to use the entirety of your daily budget each day, so be careful how you set your budgets. 


Where can you make all these changes?

Google Ads editor is the way forward. This application can allow you to edit ads in the masses, using your time more efficiently. You can make any edits that are needed whether this is to the text, the audience or the keywords, it’s up to you. Using Google Ads Editor also enables you to enact the suggested changes provided. With performance targeting features, and optimisation scores, your ad will be the best it can be. 



Stuck on how to expand your audience without losing the relevance of the ad? Remarketing lists are the way to go. These are made up of those that have had past interactions with your site or app. This method allows you to target ads to particular audiences as Google splits them into segments of people. For example showing a sale to customers that went to the checkout on your site but didn’t convert. For search and YouTube advertising, these lists must have more than 1,000 users and a minimum of 100 users for display and Gmail before it can be used, so this wouldn’t be the right method if you’re a new site.

This method can allow you to use your ad spend more effectively, by changing the daily spend depending on the performance of your ad groups. It’s also useful for enticing a conversion by showing to people who have potentially shown an interest in your business or industry previously.


Choose the right channel

PPC can be on so many platforms that it’s hard to know where to put your ads. The PPC options are: Search, Display, App, Video, and Shopping. These different options work best for companies in different areas. If your company wants to display particular goods with their prices etc, then shopping ads are great ways to show them off. Whereas if you are promoting an app, ads that appear on other apps are the most likely to get leads. Make sure you are using the right technique for what you want to achieve. 


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