Paid search in Surrey and throughout the country is expanding, so it comes as no surprise to us that many people are searching for their own ads. We know how exciting it can be to search for a relevant keyword and see your ad right there! Trust us, we completely understand the excitement. But did you know that this natural curiosity has the potential to harm your campaigns? As experts at paid search in Surrey, we know why a simple Google search to admire your ad could actually do more harm than good. Here’s why you shouldn’t search for your own ads on Google.


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Watch your impressions 

Our Paid Search Professionals in Surrey believe that increasing your impressions should never come at the cost. Now, it’s not necessarily an issue searching once or twice. Issues arise when you are repeatedly searching for a particular campaign. This will cause inaccuracy of data, resulting in a distorted view of how many users your ads are reaching. Indicating that your audience is larger than it actually is. This can cause your click-through rate (CTR) to decline and reflect an incorrect percentage. All this could play a part in determining the performance of your ads and it shouldn’t, as it’s completely avoidable.

 Our Paid Search in Surrey Experts Recommend Check your quality score 

Take care of your quality score! They play a huge role in calculating your Ad Rank and this is an important metric to keep track of. Your Ad Rank determines where your ads will show up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), equating to how much you or your agency will be paying for each click. In turn, searching for your own ads decreases the CTRs, affecting its quality score.

Your ads may no longer appear 

Simply put, no one wants their ads to stop showing. The knee jerk reaction is to search for them to see if they are showing to potential customers. However, constantly searching for your ads can cause them to not show at all. Google works for users. It aims to only show adverts that they see as relevant to you. So, if you continue to search for the ads that you’re running, Google may be led to believe that these ads are not relevant to you.

Don’t click on your ads!

You obviously don’t want to throw money down the digital marketing drain. So try to refrain from clicking on your own ads – as this will cost you! However, there are a number of ways that your average costs will increase, even without clicking on the ads. If your impressions increase but your quality score drops, then your cost-per-click will inflate. Essentially, Google will try to conserve your budget by showing it to lower the number of users. This results in budget constraints, which can result in less relevant traffic and leads. Not ideal!

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