SEO is a complicated process that takes a considerable amount of time to boost. It can often be the case that in your efforts to gain a quick fix, you are actually creating more issues for yourself. As a digital agency in Surrey we understand that sometimes patience is the biggest part of SEO, so try not to rush in your efforts. 


At Least 300 Words Per Page

It is understandable that some areas of your website have more copy than others. You aren’t going to write an essay on the contact page. But try to make sure that wherever you can, there are at least 300 words on a page. This is because anything under this provides no SEO value to your website. Google can’t register anything with so few words when crawling for keywords. 


Keyword Stuffing

Sometimes it can seem like the best way to boost your rankings quickly is to cram in as many repetitions of your keywords as you can. This is where you are shooting yourself in the foot. When Google crawls your site, it sees this and actually puts this as a negative on your website. Google wants to see that you are actually providing relevant information to the reader, rather than adding keywords for the sake of it. In a piece of writing that’s about 400 words long, try to aim for saying a keyword 3-4 times max. 



It can sometimes be tempting to re-use content when you can’t think of what to write. DON’T. Google can tell that the paragraph or phrase is somewhere else on the web. You will be placed higher for having individual copy on your site, so try to come up with something new each time. 



Is what you’re writing about actually helping the reader? The main thing Google is looking for is relevancy, and if you can actually answer the reader’s question. Try to keep on topic and be as specific as possible. It’s better for your article to be shorter and more informative than if it was longer but full of waffle. 


Write blogs For a 14 Year Old! 

Google wants your copy to be really readable. Try to write as if a 14 year old person will be reading it. Try not to overcomplicate it if possible, and try to use smaller sentences. This will allow you to rank better as you are more readable for the masses. 


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