Looking for more traffic to your website? The best and most certainly the cheapest way to do this is through search engine optimisation (SEO for short). As a leading Surrey marketing agency, here at Thunderbolt Digital, we have a great team of digital markers with expertise in SEO. We’re here to help your business improve and have we have outlined our 7 top tips here:


Publish Unique Content Consistently

Posting unique content helps to show search engines such as Google, that your website has something fresh and different that is worth promoting. Posting regularly is also just as important as it shows that your site is active and showing up-to-date information. Doing this should help improve your sites’ search engine rankings and help you reach more users.


Use A Readable URL Structure

Keep URLs as simple as possible so that users can understand where your link is taking them or where they are on your site. This not only helps users navigate your site, but also makes sure that search engines understand your website as well. To make them more readable, join words with hyphens and keep to lowercase letters. 


Use Keywords In Image Titles

Naming the images on your website with keywords that people are searching for will help them to show up on image searches. When users then click on your image, they will be taken to your website, giving you an extra place for your site to rank and gain traffic.


Improve Your Sites Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website has a huge impact on how it ranks on search engines. Not only does it discourage users from viewing your site if it takes ages to load but it is also one of the factors that search engines take into account when calculating the quality of your site. Remove anything that could be slowing your site down, including any non-essential widgets, images, and videos.


Link To Other Relevant Websites

Immediately, you might be thinking that this isn’t a good idea as it takes people away from your site. We however disagree. Linking to other relevant sites makes yours a more valuable resource that users will remember positively. Linking to other sites also allows for the potential of those sites to then add links to your site, increasing your traffic.


Write Unique Descriptions For Every Page

One of the most neglected SEO tools is meta descriptions. You must write unique and relevant meta descriptions for every page on your site. They are the first thing that users see when scrolling on Google or other search engines so need to be enticing and clear on what will be covered on that page. They are also used by search engines to help calculate your websites’ ranking so make sure to put your keywords in there as well.


Encourage Other Sites To Link To You

Making sure they are trustworthy sites where you are happy for your brand to be represented, try and see if you can encourage other sites to link to your website. This will show search engines that you have valuable, relevant information. It is also another channel to help bring traffic to your site.


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