Digital PR refers to the process of acquiring links and brand placements on digital publications. This process has been around for some time, however, methodologies have adapted to a modern digital landscape. As SEO Surrey specialists, we will guide you through everything you need to know to get started with Digital PR. 

Digital PR and SEO

Digital PR is a process of gaining coverage in highly authoritative and relevant media. This is an important part of an SEO strategy as digital PR is something Google will see when ranking sites online on search engine results pages. 

Digital PR is the next stage of evolution for old school link building tactics, Previous tactics focused less so on relevance. However, digital PR relevance and authority are what is trying to be achieved. Links have long been recognised as a powerful signal for how search engines rank results. For example, Google wants to ensure that the most relevant searches are shown at all times, so by having links from trusted and relevant media, you are more likely to appear in the all-important top 10 positions. 

Creating a Digital PR Action Plan 

If you are new to digital PR, you will want to have a clear action plan in place to make the most of your campaign. To start off, you will want to have a clear goal and understanding of what you want to achieve. As SEO Surrey experts, we believe that having clear objectives is fundamental for any marketing strategy so you can measure progress. A goal here might be “To improve traffic and organic revenue by building highly authoritative and relevant external links and brand mentions”. 

Next, you will want to outline how you will achieve your goal. Here, you will want to explore what keyword opportunities are available to you. Once you have a chosen set of keywords, focus on the ones you have the ability to impact through your digital PR efforts. 

Link Volume and Relevance 

Now you have a clear action plan, you will need to outline how you will measure success through your PR campaign. We suggest link volume and relevance. Link Volume itself isn’t a hugely important metric. However, generating more coverage will provide you with greater opportunities to land higher-quality coverage due to the snowball effect. It will also allow search engines to bridge more paths to your website from across the web. 

Relevance is very important for digital PR campaigns. As mentioned above, you will want to make sure that you are targeting the right keywords relevant to your business. Websites with little existing authority/links will gain the most from campaigns that are topically relevant to them. For instance, plumbing companies will want to look at topics related to plumbing, bathrooms etc. 


As SEO Surrey specialists, we hope this guide sheds light on how digital PR campaigns work. Digital PR is governed by search engines, so it is essential to understand how Google and other platforms work to construct your strategy. When picking publications for your PR, make sure that they are legitimate and relevant to your business. A high volume of links will provide search engines with more ways to reach your website. Furthermore, the more relevant each site is to your website, the more authority you will have in your chosen field. 

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