When it comes to picking your marketing strategy and what method to use, it depends greatly on your business as a whole. At Thunderbolt Digital, our digital marketing Surrey agency is used to helping businesses of all sizes and industries. We specialise in providing our clients with SEO, PPC and social media marketing. Read on to find out how to decide whether PPC or SEO suits your business best.


Speed – Immediate Effect Vs A Slow Burn

PPC provides an immediate boost to your traffic, and better yet, it’s targeted. PPC is used as a quick wins solution as it works from the minute you set your campaigns live. Whereas SEO can take 3 – 6 months to get traction, PPC can get you conversions within a month or two. We aim to provide immediate results as a paid search Surrey agency. But even a slow burn SEO strategy can get you the results you want. Our client NBC Construction saw a 150% increase in leads from its SEO strategy in 2021.


Attract Viewers Looking To Buy Now

When it comes to SEO, you are boosting your website up the Google rankings for a particular keyword. You aren’t targeting people, you’re targeting what they search for. With PPC, you can do both, pick your keywords and the people you are looking for. You can choose their age, gender, and even their interests and habits. This means your ads are more likely to lead to a conversion because you are attracting people that are looking to purchase or learn more about your business. Find out how our PPC agency helped Surrey-based Squires Kitchen to get 600% ROI in 2020!



With SEO, you are attracting people when they search. But with PPC, if they’ve been on your site previously, you can attract them again and again with remarketing. This allows you to target people that have previously been to your website but did not convert. Our digital marketing Surrey agency aims to get your product and business into people’s minds and keep their need to purchase alive. So, when they are next looking for a product or service they will think of you!


Continual Optimisation

With SEO, you will be putting up blogs, and optimising your website, the process is a lot slower and there can be less to optimise. But with PPC, it is a constant optimisation process. From the very beginning, you are looking to see what works for your business and what isn’t performing as well. This allows you to tweak the accounts as you go and continually improve the results. 


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