Guest posting is a topic that often divides many within the marketing industry. To some it may seem like a waste of time. However, to others, it’s an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. Truthfully, the success you have with guest blogging will depend on your strategy. When done correctly, it can be a sustainable way to build high-quality backlinks and improve SEO performance. 

As a marketing agency in Surrey, we will guide you through everything you need to know about guest posts successfully. 

What Is Guest Posting? 

Guest posting, or blogging, is an immensely useful marketing tactic that involves publishing one or more articles for other websites online. These blogs are often highlighted by the website editor or publication as being written by a “guest author” or “contributor”. 

Some publications may offer rewards for your post. Rather than money, you may receive a link back to your personal website or social media accounts. This can help audiences build trust in your brand and can aid in reaching new customers. 

Benefits of Guest Blogging 

When done correctly, guest blogging has a range of benefits for your business. It can help you build a profile as an industry expert and shape your personal brand. Furthermore, it will improve SEO performance which, in turn, will grow your audience. 

Additionally, guest writing will assist you in creating authoritative backlinks, drive referral traffic  and build relationships/partnerships. 

Guest Writing Tips 

Set Realistic Goals 

You should make sure that your goals for guest writing are attainable and measurable. Goals created may relate to your business performance. For example, you may wish to see how your guest blogging affects your number of leads. Use the SMART acronym to analyse your goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

Choose Topics Carefully 

Often, guest bloggers fail as they focus on the publications more so than content. By focusing on the publication, you may achieve the goal of getting published. However, in doing so, you serve the goals of the publisher rather than your own. 

Find the Right Sites 

Once you have come up with a list of potential content ideas, you will need to find the right guest posting site to publish them. By searching online, you can find many lists of websites that allow for guest posting. Some of these may even allow you to publish for free! 

But how can you tell the good sites from the bad? When choosing a guest posting website there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, make sure that your chosen site has a domain authority of 40 or higher. Ensure that it has a thorough editorial process and that it has a spam score of 3% or lower. 


When done properly, guest posting is useful in assisting your business online. It will support your online SEO and will help build quality backlinks that will show your website to be trustworthy. When choosing a guest posting site, ensure that the site you choose has a decent domain authority as well as a low spam score. 

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