For SEO in Surrey and beyond, keyword research is absolutely essential. It gives you valuable insight into what people are searching for in google to find you, so you know what keywords to target in future. Once you are armed with this information, you can write and optimise blogs centred around these keywords, or add the keywords to the pages on your website. Our SEO experts in Surrey have written this guide on how to do keyword research, using 2 different tools: SE Ranking and Google Search Console. 


SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a paid tool you can use for keyword research. They did a big update recently and had an overhaul of the software – so it is now much smarter, more user friendly and easier to navigate. SE Ranking is very helpful for tracking keywords on multiple projects. It gives you an in-depth website audit and is a great backlink checker. 

If we were using SE Ranking, we would input our domain into the ‘Competitor Research’ tool and it will generate a list of the organic keywords we rank for. Depending on whether you already know who your competitors are or not, there are a couple different things you can do here. If you wish to find out your competitors, it will generate a list of organic competitors for you – but be aware to make sure you’re comparing like-with-like. Some of the competitors it shows you are much bigger companies, which if you are a small business based in Surrey, may not be a fair comparison.

Once you know who your competitors are, use the ‘Competitor Comparison’ tool to input your domain and 2 of your competitors domains to compare. This will give you a list of all common keywords between all 3. You can see which keywords all 3 of you rank high for, which keywords your competitors both rank for which you might want to target, and which ones you are ranking for that your competitors aren’t. The ideal keywords you want to target will have a medium to high search volume and a low competition. 


Google Search Console 

Another tool you can use for keyword research is Google Search Console. The best thing about this program is that it is from Google, so you know the numbers are trustworthy and the data is reliable. Our team of SEO specialists based in Surrey love using Google Search Console for keyword research because it gives detailed information, and it is very straightforward, easy to use and user friendly. It won’t take you long to get to grips with how to use it. This tool gives you queries (a fancy word for keywords) so you can view top performing keywords. It gives very detailed breakdowns so you can see how many clicks and impressions the keyword brought in. You can also see which specific pages are bringing in the most clicks and traffic to your website – so you can see what content on your website web searchers like the most.

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