As a professional SEO company in Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital are dedicated to the art of finding new ways to help our clients climb the ranks of Google in order to increase their visibility and traffic! We know that SEO can be a bit of a tricky subject, especially for new business owners and start-ups, so we thought we’d help out a little bit by answering a question that we’ve been asked before: why WordPress, and how does it help with SEO?

No one outside of Google truly knows how the search engine giant’s algorithms work exactly, but something we do know is that it likes to keep its results topical and relevant, meaning that websites that update will rank higher than sites that haven’t been touched in months or even years. So where does WordPress come into this? Well, a key feature of WordPress is that it automatically alerts google whenever a site is updated, which massively helps maintain rankings and improve them, and as keep bloggers, this is something that really comes in useful when you run and blog and use it to help improve your rankings!

As an SEO company in Surrey, we believe a WordPress site can be really beneficial for your SEO due to the high degree of customisation and extra functionality that various plugins can provide. There are many helpful plugins out there that can really make a difference to a site and UX (user experience) as well as various other features, and it’s important to find ones that fit the needs of your company. However, some plugins that are almost universally recognised as helpful amongst developers include Yoast SEO (which the Thunderbolt team also proudly uses and endorses!) and SEO Friendly Images.

We’ve spoken before about the importance of site loading speed, but not only is it vital in terms of decreasing bounce rates and preventing user frustration, but it also contributes heavily towards your site ranking on search engines. Google takes site loading speed into account in its rankings, and those of you looking into WordPress sites will be happy to know that WordPress sites are usually very quick loading (although this can be affected by site design and customisation) and can be sped up even more with certain plugins, which can help you gain and maintain your keyword rankings. 

Thunderbolt Digital are a trusted SEO company in Surrey, that can help boost your online presence without resorting to black-hat techniques that could end up ultimately harming your business! We love to help businesses thrive and grow, and our fully in-house team are committed to helping your business become the best it can be online! If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, or would like to discuss your digital needs with us in more detail, then simply email us today at or give us a ring at 01252 413757, and we’ll be happy to help!