A great landing page is immensely important for SEO. You don’t get two chances at a first impression, and this is especially true when it comes down to landing pages on your site. With this in mind, here are some useful tips for improving your landing page brought to you by a team of marketing Surrey experts. 


In order to get more people attracted to your landing pages, ensure that your landing page URLs contain relevant keywords relating to the product or service you provide. Additionally, no one likes a long spammy looking URL. Factors such as this damage the user experience for people visiting your site. Best practice is to ensure that your URL is short, and to the point, with a relevant keyword included. 

Don’t Overlook the Headline

A good headline will catch the eye of your audience, enticing them to read further. However to create a good headline for SEO purposes, there are some additional details you will need to consider. To ensure that your landing page headline is optimised, make sure to include your main keyword as part of the headline. However, you will want to do so in a way where it fits naturally into the text. Forcing a keyword where it does not fit in a grammatically correct way will ruin the user experience of those on your landing page. It will also leave a nasty first impression. 

Meta Descriptions 

The meta description tag will serve to provide extra information regarding your site for those searching online. These can be seen on SERPs just below the website title and URL. There are a few things to remember when writing your meta tags. Firsty, keep it simple. Don’t exceed more than 160 characters and include a call to action. You will also want to include your chosen keyword here to ensure that your site is further optimised for that term. 


A good landing page is a vital part of any SEO strategy. Pages that are ugly or difficult to navigate will lessen your reach and potential to drive valuable leads as people will not want to spend time on your site. In order to ensure that your landing page is fully optimised, ensure that your chosen keyword is displayed as part of the headline, body text and meta description. Additionally, make sure that your landing page URL is short and simple. 

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