As a celebrated SEO company Surrey, Thunderbolt Digital have years of experience with assisting our clients to gain greater online visibility and move up the rankings in SERPs. Search engine optimisation isn’t something that most SME owners are aware of, but it is, in fact, vital to your business!


Perhaps you think that your website ranking highly in SERPs isn’t all that important? Well, did you know that 61% of consumers use search engines to inform their purchase decisions, and will use them for anything from looking at pictures to finding detailed item descriptions, to comparing prices? With mobile search becoming such an important factor in day to day shopping habits, having a good SEO strategy in place is now vital for small business, even an SEO company Surrey!

Unfortunately, quality SEO results take time and require your patience, as well as realistic expectations from you. You may come across companies or individuals offering instant results, and whilst they sound tempting, they will be practising black hat SEO techniques that will end in your site being penalised by Google, which will, in fact, hurt your rankings!

Links are the heart of SEO, and are one of the primary ways that search engines measure site rankings and reliability; naturally, this means that every website looking to put themselves on the map are after links, with many of them resorting to shortcuts and ‘quick fix’ techniques that often prove less than helpful in the long term.

Of course, earning quality links takes time and there’s nothing you can do to guarantee that it will happen, but creating valuable content etc will increase your chances of it happening as people find you content and wish to share the information you’ve provided with others.

You also will want to be linking to a variety of places from your own site, which can both help you get noticed (and receive links back to your site) and increase your reliability to Google’s crawlers – just make sure that you’re linking to quality, non-spammy sites!

Having a good internal linking structure can also help boost your SEO, as well as making things easier on your visitors and possibly even encourage them to stay on your site longer, especially if you link wisely!


If you’re struggling to get started and need a reputable SEO company Surrey to deliver the results you need, then Thunderbolt Digital is here to help. Our friendly team will discuss your business goals with you and help create a plan to increase your online exposure and strengthen your SEO. To find out what we can do for you and your brand, arrange a meeting with us today by emailing or calling our Farnham office on 01252 413757.