Lockdown has meant doing plenty of things less often: seeing friends, family, going out, catching the game at the pub, and lots more. But, one thing we’ve all been doing more of is going online. The average daily time spent online for adults in the UK is now four hours and two minutes– an increase from last year’s three and a half hours at the same time of year. This means you’ve got more time to invite more people onto your site. But how to get them there, and, more importantly, make them stay? Why not try SEO in Surrey? If not, here’s some options:

SEO Surrey- How it can help your site

SEO in Surrey can help with the first part of this (that’s Search Engine Optimisation for anyone who’s not a tech-savvy). This can ensure your site is as accessible for as many people as possible. This includes optimising keywords and phrases to put your site in a better position, closer to the main search bar, when patrons search for these words/phrases. Search engine optimisation is an easy way to generate traffic for your site and can also act as a trust indicator- when was the last time you went on a website that was past page 1 in the search results? It is certainly a powerful tool!

Keep your viewers engaged

So that’s how we can help bring people to your site, but making them stay is challenging, especially when the average individual forms an opinion of a website in just 0.05 seconds (yes, really). With this in mind aesthetic quality is incredibly important for a website. If it doesn’t reflect your brand and appeal to your potential patrons then clicking off the site may be just as fast and easy as it was to click on. Injecting your site with new and creative ideas could be the difference between making a sale, gaining a social media share. Or, you can forge a relationship with a long-term client. With non-store purchases now accounting for £3 out of every £10 spent, up from £2 before the pandemic; it would be a mistake to not invest some time and money into your site. Investing can give it a new lease of life, and give you the best chance to succeed online.


It’s clear that online habits have changed. With uncertain times ahead it is the perfect opportunity to revamp and future-proof your site; as we start to see more and more online interaction.

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