Running a business is a difficult task and it can take a long time to get the right traffic. With the internet growing, companies are constantly joining the trend of having their business online. With so much competition, you want to be as highly ranked as possible within search engines like google. However, this is not easy to achieve and, without the proper guidance, can seem impossible. As a Seo agency in Surrey, we at Thunderbolt have a number of tips to remember when looking to grow your rankings.

Ranking Importance

When we wish to find something or learn something new, our first stop is always a search engine, and a good number of us will only check the first result. Most of us will only look on the first page and never even think to check the second page or beyond. Therefore, if you are not on the first page or the first non-ad result, you are going to miss out on possibly thousands of potential customers. To become higher in the results, you need to show the search engines you hold valuable, relevant content that the one searching requires.

Ranking Higher

The first thing to consider is how fast or slow your website is loading. If a page is slow or shows broken images, your traffic will not stay on your site for long and they won’t have a good experience. Many people also visit a site from their mobiles, so having a website that can show nicely for all devices is vital. When creating content like blogs, make sure you use the right keywords and not too many links is also essential. Placing your keywords in a way that makes sense and does not seem spammy will help give the search engines a hint and not annoy readers. 

Search engines value this and will, over time boost you over those that do not. Too many links within one page can make the page look spammy as well so try to not use too many links unless it makes sense. For example, a product page may have multiple links, but a blog may only want two or three links. Metadata and alt tags can help provide information about the page and your images to search engines, helping them to better understand your pages.

Social Media

It is becoming common knowledge that social media is an important tool in getting your website known and receiving more traffic. However, why should you do the sharing alone? Encouraging the traffic to share your site on social media can also boost your traffic. Setting up social media links on your pages at the bottom of the content encourages people to share. At the same time, it also stops people from sharing before they fully read the page and allows search engine bots to not jump to your social media and away from your site too early.

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