Starting in May of last year, Google announced page experience signals as a major ranking factor for SEO. This decision came as a move to improve site content quality that the Google search  index displays to users. This page experience update encourages marketers and search engine optimizers to create more meaningful user experiences. 

But how will this new update affect your SEO? As a team of SEO specialists in Surrey, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know. 


What is Page Experience?

The term “page experience” refers to a set of signals that measures the experience of a user interacting with a web page. Furthermore, page experience  measures beyond just information value. It also includes Core Web Vitals which measure real-world user experience for loading performance, interactivity and visual stability on a web page. Page experience also includes existing search signals; safe browsing, HTTPS and whether the site is mobile friendly. 


What Makes For a Great Page Experience? 

The recent page experience update reflects on what qualifies for a relevant and high-quality page experience. A few factors Google uses to access page experience include: 


  • Mobile Compatibility – How well your website functions on mobile devices. 
  • Safe Browsing – Ensuring your page does not contain any malicious content. 
  • HTTPS – Your site must be HTTPS secure.
  • Core Web Vitals – Google’s Core Web Vitals will measure factors such as loading time and interactivity and content stability as it loads. 
  • Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines- These guidelines ensure that all content is easily accessible for the user.


How Will The Update Impact Optimisers? 

Back in 2019, Google accounted for more than 75% of global desktop traffic. Statistics such as this highlight how in order to hit your CTR and conversion target, you will need to accommodate Google and prioritise your page experience. 

Furthermore, previous methods such as backlinks and buttoned up codes that bring about better rankings will no longer be a main criteria for Google in increasing your visibility. This new update provides marketers with a unique opportunity to boost organic traffic. This update aims to return to Google’s original intention in showing users the most relevant pages possible for what they need. 

This is great from a customer’s perspective as this update will result in more targeted results and more user friendly web pages. As an optimiser, you will want to reassess your optimisation strategies in order to prioritise user experience. You will want to rid your site of any confusing navigation, duplications and cloaking. 


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