In the last 5 years traditional advertising media such as Newspapers,TV, Radio have lost large amounts of ad revenue to online search such as Google and social platforms. 

Nothing new about is this statement, however, the days of having a traditional mass marketing campaign with lots of media weight behind it has also gone with marketers now choosing a micro-targeted approach, as we now give away all our data at a drop of a hat, as the old saying goes “if it’s free to join, then you are the product” at Thunderbolt we are now using more of the rule if seven to attract and gain new clients through the customer journey steps of consideration, evaluation, retention etc. 

By using, PPC (Search, Display, Retargeting) SEO, Social, and email marketing we are now looking at following the customer throughout the whole lifecycle from ZERO Interest to the decision making and even ZMOT and reconfirming their decision making process. 

From our experience, customers are far more likely to look for a “social media marketing surrey” than travel to the midlands if they can get a similar service provider.  The rule of seven in a nutshell is to try and make sure that if they search for the term “web designers in Surrey” then we help them to see the brand on as many local platforms as possible including YouTube with display advertising.  After all, more than 90% of searches start on Google when a prospect doesn’t know what they are looking for, this should be reinforced with platforms such as social media marketing and display ads following them on the consideration journey. 

As  a Surrey based full service digital agency providing website design, development and marketing services in house we want to make sure that our suspects, turn into prospects and final become a customer and the best way to do this in a cost effective way is to make sure our local customers are finding Thunderbolt Digital through a local multiple platform marketing strategy. 

Some marketing case studies can be found here:

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