As a Surrey marketing agency, we explain the basics of a website CMS and why you might need one to grow your business’s online presence.


What Actually Is A CMS? 


Content Management Systems (CMS) are web editors that help you to create web pages with text, images, videos, sound files, widgets and plugins. They often have inbuilt SEO (search engine optimisation) tools. Some examples of CMS that are well known are WordPress, Wix and Drupal. 


Benefits Of CMS


One of the main advantages of CMS is that it helps business owners and marketers who aren’t technical to create and change website content. This saves time and money outsourcing to a web developer or learning programming.


A CMS that makes your website easy to update means you can post regular content without outsourcing and wasting time. Posting regularly about your business, industry, or product will increase your search keywords and SEO. New content is still the number one way to beat your competitors on search engine results.




No, we haven’t leaned on the keyboard! WYSIWYG is an acronym ‘what you see is what you get’. This is a type of CMS editor where the text or graphics you edit appears in a form close to the final product. It removes the need to write code, and all you need to learn to do is use a rich text editor to move around and edit the elements. As you’ll see exactly what the end result will look like, it’s a much quicker way to create a website. Here are some examples.

CMS Built-In SEO Tools


Using a CMS will also help people to find your website online with built-in SEO tools. For instance, on WordPress there’s several plugin options for SEO tools: Yoast, AIOSEO, SEMRush, and Ahrefs. You only need one SEO tool, but it will be invaluable to write your page titles and meta descriptions. 


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