Any PPC or SEO specialist can attest to the fact that they use chrome extensions on a daily basis. They are great to have in your back pocket and can have many different uses depending on the extension. Some can speed up your work, others can troubleshoot issues. As a web agency in Surrey, we are familiar with quite a few, but some SEO and PPC extensions to get you started:


Keywords Everywhere

This handy tool pops up when you search for something. It tracks that keyword and shows you other similar alternatives. It’s great for both PPC and SEO for keyword expansion. It shows you related keywords, similar keywords and long tail keywords. You can also find out the associated search volume and expected cost per click. This tool can also be used to find keyword density and create a trends chart. 


Tag Assistant

With PPC, tracking conversions is everything. You need to make sure that these are being tracked at all costs, but if for some reason it’s not working, it can sometimes be hard to track down the issue. Tag assistant can help speed up the process. It allows you to go onto any website and see if the tags such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager and many others are working. Tag assistant can determine if they have been implemented correctly, or if there is an issue present. It provides a report of issues and suggested solutions. This tool is great for ensuring all the issues are resolved as you can check the tags are firing once you’ve made the changes. 



Moz allows you to have a better understanding of your audience. You can see the attribution report of how they came to your site. It allows you to monitor the effect your website is having on your audience, adjusting if necessary. Moz Pro also provides a crawler to find any issues on your site and it can also help with page optimisation and links. Check it out to see how it can help your business. 



Checkbot works to find issues on the site that the user wouldn’t be aware of. Anything from SEO to page speed and security issues. It allows you to find broken links and resolve them, ensure that unique page titles are being used, and works to eliminate redirect chains. It’s a great tool to optimise your website. And it will save you time as you don’t need to test everything manually. 


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