How are you feeling about going back to the office? As the UK’s third national lockdown comes to an end, every business will be deciding on their ‘new normal’. You might be itching to have everyone back in the office together. But if you’re a Surrey-based business, consider these benefits of working remotely:


Less Travel 

There’s no denying it, getting to and from work means commuting. 59 minutes of travel on average was a daily reality for most people before Covid-19! And workers in the South East were worse off spending the longest time commuting than anywhere else in the UK. Going back to working in an office may sound fun after a year of working at home. But it also means a return to early morning starts and sitting in traffic. Being squashed against someone on the train isn’t an ideal way to start the day.


Work-Life Balance

Working from home has helped some people to reclaim previously lost hours for hobbies, exercise and spending time with their family. People work better when they’re well-rested and happy. Working remotely means people can squeeze in more hours for themselves. This is especially important for working parents who are already exhausted from juggling homeschooling. Work-life balance is key if we’re going to survive the pandemic together.


Better for the Environment

It’s crazy to think how rush hour traffic used to clog up roads in cities, towns and motorways. We’re all being encouraged to reduce our carbon emissions. Moving to remote or flexible working supports this goal without having to give up driving a car. Rather than drive to the office every day, consider whether you can work at a co-working space. Even better if it’s within walking distance of home.



Everyone will create their own new normal after Covid-19 that is healthy and sustainable. The most important thing to consider for work is flexibility. Not everyone is going to want to work full-time remotely. Some people love a busy, chatty workplace. Others find that they get their best work done without distractions. Some people may want to be in an office environment regularly, others may not. Maybe mandatory monthly office days for team building could replace the daily commute.


Hiring the Best Candidates

The final reason remote working is worth considering is that it can help match the best candidate for the role. Rather than be restricted by transport and office location, you can hire excellent employees no matter where they’re based. Thunderbolt is a Surrey-based business and we’ve recently hired a Project Coordinator based in Manchester. This has allowed us to bring in the best skills to the agency and expand our location beyond Surrey for our northern-based clients.


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