For any kind of marketing, Google Analytics is a necessity! It can be a lifesaver tool for understanding all sorts of things about your marketing as well as your website. But are you taking advantage of all of its features? It’s most likely that you use one or two pages of it to do a quick bit of research, but the rest is a mystery. As experts in Surrey web design, PPC, SEO and marketing we can offer you the advice to change that: 


Learn Who Your Visitors Are

Knowing who your visitors are is a great way to start marketing yourself better. Analytics allows you to see the demographic information of your visitors and much more. Being able to see this information means you can tailor your marketing towards those exact people if they are converting, and if they aren’t converting, you can exclude them from your campaigns. You can also access the interests of your visitors. Just go to Audiences > Interest > Overview.  


Custom Segments 

Creating a custom segment means that you can use the information above about your website visitors age, gender and interests and see specific types of people and their actions on your site. This allows your comparison to be much more accurate than just a general overview. 


Compare History

Analytics is a great tool to help you compare. You can see results from as far back as when you first made a Google Analytics account. This means that as well as comparing this week to last week, you can compare it to last month and even the last few years. This is a great way to see your trends and discover if there are any seasonal trends. It also allows you to see the last few months and understand the effect your marketing has had on the results, adjusting your campaigns accordingly. 



Adding annotations to your graphs is ideal. You may be asking, what’s the point? But we can safely say it’s a great help. You can mark when you have made changes to your campaigns so that you can monitor the results it had more effectively. It also allows anyone else viewing the account to see if big changes in results were due to a change, or if something else is wrong. 


Review Your Conversions 

Analytics is mainly used to track conversions. It can show you exactly what source they came from and when, even down to the hour. This allows you to see which marketing technique is working best for your company, and compare it to the other options. 


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