Our digital marketing agency in Surrey shares 4 reasons to use Canva to edit images and create graphics for if you’re a small business:


It’s Free!

If you’re a small business, you may not have lots of money to spend on tools. Or you may wish to keep your costs low when you can. If this sounds familiar, Canva will be a great tool for your business. You can create a Canva account completely free of charge, and can use templates to create your designs, shapes, images and schedule posts. There is the option to upgrade to a Pro account, but for most of your image creation needs, the free version will work well.


It’s Easy To Use

Canva is a pretty easy tool to use and get to grips with. It won’t take long for you to learn how to navigate the program and edit your images. What’s great is that you don’t need to have a lot of design experience to be able to create visuals. It has templates you can use and with a few clicks you can customise them to your needs. It also has templates for different social channels. A big time saver if you’re making images for social media posts, you don’t need to research the optimal sizing and guidelines for each platform.


Create A Group Account

You can create a Canva business account so all your employees have access to the same login. This is great if you have multiple people working on one project. You can create folders for each of the clients with templates or previous work. That way it’s easy for everyone working on the account to see the best practices and ensure that the look and feel is consistent.


Schedule Posts Directly to Social Media

Canva also has a scheduling tool that allows you to schedule your posts directly to your social media channels. Simply select the date and time, write your caption, select your visuals, and Canva will schedule it for you. Other tools such as Hootsuite and CoSchedule are great if you’re looking for more features such as recommendations or a social listening tool, but if you simply only need to schedule posts, Canva will do it for you.

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