Thunderbolt Digital is an experienced digital marketing company in Surrey who have helped many SMEs over the years gain more traction online with increased exposure and greater website traffic. Many companies know all about customer service and are able to provide stellar service, but are completely lost when it comes to using social media or interacting with customers online. Just what are you meant to do to increase your odds of success? Well, it just so happens that we have a few tips to share!


Add Value

Adding value by giving your customers good surprises is a great way to remain memorable to people! You can do this with free gifts, discounts, thank you notes, cashback, giveaways and more! Remember, everyone loves a bargain, and rewarding customer loyalty encourages repeat custom.


Be Authentic

It’s easy for customers to see you on social media as a faceless small business, and working to humanise yourself can really help – you can do this in a variety of ways, such as including more lighthearted or fun content, uploading pictures of your workplace and employees, replying to comments from customers, and more


Of course, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t act professionally! You’re still a business, but it pays to remember that appearing too polished can make you see fake and impersonal, rather than genuine and approachable – the latter being things that consumers usually value very highly!


Help Your Customers

Posting things like how-tos, tutorials, and instructional videos will make you a valuable resource for your audience, both before and after purchase decisions. If you sell products, you can go the extra mile and show detailed preview images, or even create unboxing videos so customers can better see what they’ll be getting.


Talk To Your Customers… And Listen To Them!

Answer questions, and take their suggestions on board – if you’ve been told that your website is hard to navigate, or your response time is too slow, see what you can do to address this! You don’t have to bow to customers’ every whim, but if certain themes are cropping up repeatedly then you should pay attention (this goes for positive things too – don’t focus only on your flaws!).


Companies and SMEs looking to strengthen their brand with the help of a digital marketing company in Surrey need look no further than Thunderbolt Digital! Our team has had great success helping our clients master social media and we can do the same for you! To find out more, simply chat with us today by emailing or calling our team at 01252 413757!