When you’re marketing your product or service online, knowing who your target audience is crucial. You might be stuck thinking, where do I even start? It’s actually a lot more simple than you may think. Our marketing agency specialises in branding, web design and social media in Surrey, and we’ve included 5 ways you can figure out your target audience.


Research, research, research

We cannot emphasise enough how important research is. We know it can seem tedious and boring, but it is your best chance at success.


Create personas

Our web design agency in Surrey always creates personas for the businesses that we are marketing. They are not real people, but it really helps to humanise who our audience is, what their motivations are, product goals, and what channels they use to receive their information and communicate online. If you don’t know who your audience is, how are you going to reach them? The personas arm you with some very useful information, and once you have this starting point you can now decide how you’re going to reach and engage with your audience.



Take advantage of all the data that is at your fingertips like google analytics and facebook’s insights. This can tell you really useful information about your audience. Such as demographics (age & gender), interests, location and device they are using. Facebook insights can also tell you what time of the day your followers are online, so you know the best time and day of the week to post. Armed with this information, you can now target your content to this target audience.



Ask your audience questions to find out more about them. Social media is like a free focus group where you can get instant feedback. Consider asking your followers these questions: What content would you like to see from us?


Social Listening Tools

Social listening tools are a crucial part of conducting audience research. They give you the chance to track, analyse and respond to what is being said about your brand online. You can use these to get data about your audience. Use it to find out what social media platforms your audience use. They also tell you what day/time is best to post to maximise how many people will see and engage with your posts!

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