If you’re new to the world of social media marketing, you may be wondering where to start. Here are some top tips from an award-winning digital marketing agency in Surrey, of things you should know:

Define What Your Presence Will Look Like

People use social media marketing for a variety of reasons. Therefore, the way in which each business uses social media is different depending on its goals. 

Once you’ve defined your goals, and what you want to achieve from social media marketing, consider what your social media presence will look like. How active will you be? What will your tone of voice be? What look and feel will your content have? 

Setting out some brand guidelines will help you to stay on track. If you have multiple parties working on an account, it’ll help them too to know what, and how to post. Consistency is key across social media and you want to ensure you’re putting out a uniform message. Brand guidelines will help you to do this too.

Humanise Your Brand and Talk To Your Audience

People buy from people. Try to tell a story in your social media marketing, especially in your organic posts. Who are the people behind the brand? A key aspect of your social media marketing is to communicate with your audience. 

To talk to your audience, reply to their comments. You can also ask them questions. Involve them in your business and your processes. Consider live streams where your audience can get to know you better. Host a Q&A or a webinar. Show behind the scenes. Building a rapport and a relationship with your audience will only make them more likely to convert into customers.

Experiment, Monitor, Improve, Repeat

A huge aspect of marketing is experimenting and continually improving. If you’re already creating organic posts, try out some new content. Experiment in the ways in which you communicate with your audience. Monitor the results and see what works better. 

For paid advertising, A/B testing is our marketing agency’s bread and butter. We’re continually reviewing the performance of our campaigns and looking for ways to improve. If your ads aren’t getting the results you’re after, or if you think it could be better, try an A/B test. 

Experiment with different visuals to find out what works best, such as images or video, single images or carousel. Try out different headlines, different audiences, different user experiences. Once you can see what works better and what your audience resonates the most with, you are in a great position to implement your future strategy!

Visual Content

We’re sure you’ve all heard the saying “A Picture Tells 1000 Words”. Visual content is incredibly important for marketing. In fact, visual content is known to get more engagement than text-only posts. Take a look at our blog, The Importance Of Visual Content For Marketing, for more.

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