We are living in virtual times. Here at Thunderbolt we are watching with anticipation as Facebook’s rebrand as ‘Meta’ sparks a mainstream conversation on the use of virtual spaces, and an even bigger conversation in the world of Big Tech. We predict that AR (Augmented Reality) will be huge in 2022. As a Surrey marketing agency, these digital changes are hot on our radar, and we want to bring you the latest tech news. Here is a rundown of how AR is changing the way consumers act;


COVID-19’s Impact On Our Shopping Habits


With COVID-19 cases on the rise and the rumours of another post-Christmas lockdown, bridging the gap between the online and in-person experience has never been more important. Especially for the world of E-commerce. 56% of The Times and The Sunday Times’ readers and 65% of The Sun’s readers want to see products before making a purchase. This post-pandemic research tells us that customers are hungry for the in-person shopping experience, no matter the circumstance. 


How Can We Make This Possible When Potential Customers Are At Home? 


AR technology is becoming more accessible and more immersive than ever. We’ve gone from commercially tethered headsets for around £300 a pop, to now free apps integrated into smartphone systems. 


Online retailers have already begun utilising AR technology. Virtual try-ons and virtual showrooms offer the try-before-you by experience that customers will miss in the coming lockdown.


Can AR Be Truly Effective?


E-commerce platform Shopify has claimed that products advertised with VR/AR content saw a 94% higher conversion rate than products without that content. And also, 40% less in returns. So, this not only means that revenue will increase long term but lower bounce rates can be achieved. Our Surrey marketing agency believes that this marketing tactic will only gain popularity. So, if you want to boost your profit in the next fiscal year then AR will be your best new business venture yet. Here’s how at Thunderbolt, we used AR to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping.


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