During the coronavirus pandemic, lots of companies began to work from home wherever possible, and for some people this was a first. We know working from home can come with its own challenges and distractions. With children and pets roaming around or the doorbell ringing, some people might find it hard to tune out and get productive. Our digital marketing agency in Surrey wanted to share our top tips for remote working:


Stay organised- make digital marketing seem easy

Keep a to-do list of your tasks so you can stay on track and know what it is you need to do. Our digital marketing agency in Surrey likes to use Teamwork to stay organised. We will have ongoing boards containing work to do today, work that’s in the pile, work that’s awaiting approval and completed work. The whole of the marketing team have a meeting once a day to go through our boards. That way, our line manager and colleagues know what we’re up to and everyone can stay informed. Another great way to stay organised is to always keep a notebook and pen lying around so you can make lots of notes in meetings or calls.

Set up a dedicated work space 

Rather than lounging around on your bed or the sofa, give yourself a dedicated space where you will work. That way, when you’re in this space you’ll know it’s time to work and it should help you stay productive. It should also be a good way to limit the at-home distractions, especially if you have a room you can go into and shut the door if you really need to get your head down to meet a deadline. 


Communication is key

Even though we’re not in the office you must make sure communication doesn’t fall through the cracks. We know how easy it can be for things to get lost in translation. Keep your colleagues informed of what’s happening with clients and up-to-date on current projects. Having a full team meeting once a week or as frequently as necessary will be a big help.


Know when to stop

Knowing when to log off can be a challenge with working from home, since you’re reachable 24/7.  Before, you could leave the office and leave work behind. But now that you’re working from home you’re physically able to work every minute of the day. But that doesn’t mean you should. Be kind to yourself and let yourself have a break at the weekends and after work. We know how tempting it can be to quickly sort out that one thing, or do this and that. But give yourself some time to get some distance from work and have time for yourself to de-stress. Get the job done and work efficiently, but don’t let yourself burn out.


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