For any business, it’s essential to understand your customer’s experience and journey towards your product or service. However, if you haven’t made a customer journey map before, you may understandably not be sure where to start. When creating a map such as this, it is important to understand both the goals and purpose behind doing so and how to use it in an effective way. As an award winning marketing agency in Surrey, we’ll guide you through how to create a customer journey map and more. 

What is a Customer Journey Map? 

Customer journey maps help to visualise the customer experience from start to finish. They explore and illustrate the range of touchpoints in which customers come into contact with your product, service and brand. By doing this, you can gain valuable insights into how customers interact with your brand throughout their journey, which can help you to make decisions that will benefit your company. 

How to Make a Customer Journey Map

Create a Buyer Persona 

To get the greatest understanding of customers, organisations need to develop personas. This process involves placing yourself in the shoes of your customers and trying to get an understanding of their behaviours, their likes and dislikes and why they are seeking your product. 


Consider your Buyers’ Goals 


After creating your personas, you’ll next want to explore exactly what it is your customers want to achieve while going through their customer journey. You’ll want to consider your personas’ goals and how they might change throughout the journey. For example, your customers’ may take time to explore the different options available to them for a specific service. They might research in order to ensure that they are getting what they want for the best price.


Buyer Touch Points 


Touchpoints refer to each time a customer comes into contact with your brand. This can take place before, during and after they make a purchase. Some touch points can have both positive and negative effects on your buyer. For example, poor customer service during a phone call to your company can have a negative impact in somebodies’ decision making on whether or not to make a purchase. It’s important to consider each and every touch point for your buyer persona. Doing so will help you to make improvements that will lead to better engagement and more sales. 

Customer Pain Points 


Following the previous steps, you should now find yourself with plenty of data that will help you map out your customer’s journey.  From here, you can identify potential roadblocks or “pain points” for your customer. It is also important to look at where you are succeeding so you can figure out ways to improve even further. In order to identify these pain points, you’ll need to ask yourself a series of questions, putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. This might include questions such as: 

  • Does my website help customers achieve their goals? 
  • What areas might frustrate my customer? 
  • Where are purchases being abandoned? (Why is this occurring?) 



By carefully laying out a clear customer journey map, you can brainstorm new and innovative ways to increase sales and interaction with your brand. Through this process of putting yourself in the shoes of your customer, you can see clearer any potential pitfalls, or pain points, that hinder your ability to reach new customers in a meaningful way. 


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