Instagram algorithm changes affect everyone who uses the platform – more so to brands. Update your knowledge and latest ranking features here below! Our team at Thunderbolt, a Surrey marketing agency, we use algorithms to our advantage, providing your business with the highest chance to succeed.


How Instagram’s algorithm works

The Instagram algorithm assumes the people you contact/interact with the most will be interested in your new content. When the algorithm decides who to target your post to, the following list is evaluated:


  • Do you follow each other?
  • Did they directly search your name?
  • Do you message each other?
  • Do you tag each other in posts?
  • Did they save our posts?


However, if you own or run a brand account, you may not communicate with close friends or tag each other in posts. The same list applies to your audience ranking the followers that engage with your posts the most. Not to mention how engaging back with your followers improves organic reach.



 The Instagram algorithm ranks posts on their timing depended on when they were posted. Newer posts are ranked higher in users’ feeds, this is because the algorithm assumes the more recent posts are more important. However, brand accounts can use this feature to their advantage. Learning what times of day are the most active for users allows the post to enter more feeds and harness more attention.



The algorithm’s primary job is to match posts with users’ interests. Instagram’s algorithm is extremely smart and able to gather data from each user accounts. This data comes in the forms of what the user is liking or sharing with others, the posts that are of interest to the user are then scanned and identified into categories or genres. With the new data, the algorithm gathers more posts of similar context are presented to the user in hopes they stay on Instagram for longer.


How To Use The Algorithm To Your Advantage:

Carousel posts (posts with multiple pictures viewed by swiping on the post) generally receive 17% more feeds and pull in three times the normal engagement. They are great for a more detailed posts and capturing several angles instead of one.

Consistency is key to building a large online presence that constantly engages with your account. Post consistency is vital to building reach, engagement and follower growth. By posting regularly, the algorithm may rank your posts higher in the feed of the followers considering they interact daily with your account. 

Posting daily can be tough, so we can help support your social media marketing objectives to make sure your business gets the engagement it wants on Instagram.

 Reels one of the most recent additions to Instagram is the reels feature similar to TikTok and Snapchat stories. Data shows that reels are pulling in 67% more engagement than regular videos. Instagram recently announced that it would be prioritising video content over photos to compete with TikTok and YouTube video platforms.


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