We’re big fans of the local area here are Thunderbolt Digital, and along with working closely with local businesses, we like to do some periodic sightseeing, too! We thought it’d be great fun to go out and hunt for some of the most interesting places to go visit in Farnham, and then share our findings with you; who knows, maybe even one of your favourites will make it into our list!

North Downs Way | Thunderbolt

North Downs Way

For those unfamiliar with the significance of North Downs Way, you may ponder why a signpost has been set up for a location over one hundred miles away, and why a sign like this warrants such a beautiful sculpture. Well, those a bit more in the know will be aware that this beautiful waystone marks the beginning of a national trail that follows some of the route of the ancient Pilgrim’s Way. Of course, not every visitor to this marker feels like walking the entire 153 mile hike to Dover, but it’s certainly something that makes you stop and take a second look when you’re on your way to the train station!

The Victoria Garden (formerly Farnham’s Swimming Baths) | Thunderbolt

The Victoria Garden (formerly Farnham’s Swimming Baths)

Nestled amongst the back alleys of South Street, a secret garden can be found hidden right in the heart of one of Farnham’s busiest areas, providing a calm oasis away from the noise of rush hour traffic! The site used to be home to Farnham’s famous open air swimming baths, but the renovated area is now a beautiful garden filled with decorative hedge mazes, interesting sculptures, and even a giant chess board! A must-visit for any Farnham resident.

Farnham’s Wall of Great Names | Thunderbolt

Farnham’s Wall of Great Names

For those of you who wish to bask in a little Farnham pride, then a quick visit to South Street and the wall celebrating Farnham’s great names might do the trick! A mix of modern and historical names adorn the wall, and more are being added all the time! A lovely place to visit during the spring when the wall’s hanging baskets are in full bloom, it’s always nice to indulge in a little local pride when you’re out and about! For those of you who want to find out a little more about Farnham’s famous names, more information is available here.

The Haren Garden | Thunderbolt

The Haren Garden

Right next to Borelli walk on the opposite side of the river stands a testament to one of Farnham’s longest standing relationships with an overseas community. The Haren Garden houses a plaque presented to the town in an act of friendship, and so commemorates the relationship between Farnham and Haren (a town in Holland), as well as a visit to Farnham from a Dutch representative.

Farnham Castle | Thunderbolt

Farnham Castle

So important to the town, that the road it’s situated on is even named after it, Farnham Castle manages to regularly attract both locals and tourists alike. For over 900s years the castle has stood overlooking the town and has even been visited by members of the royal family in the past. With an overwhelming presences, stunning architecture and a number of exhibits to explore, you haven’t really experienced Farnham if you haven’t been to it’s castle!

So, do you agree with our top five places to visit in Farnham? Or do you think we missed off somewhere special? Get in touch with us over on our Twitter or Facebook page and share your thoughts with us – we love to chat about Farnham!