You may be used to handling projects by yourself, but do you ever feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Or that you are constantly forgetting important tasks? This is where a project coordinator can make all the difference! Especially if you have a large team of builders, creators or even web designers in Surrey and beyond! Here’s a guide to how having a project coordinator will help you out – in business and in life!


Client Liaison

The first thing a project coordinator does which reduces stress for you is liaising with clients. This part of the process takes a lot of time and concentration. When a client calls you’ve got to know which project they own. As well as what stage in that project your team is at (no pressure!). This is why hiring someone whose job it is to know these things is a huge weight off of your shoulders. And if you’re not a natural ‘people person’ then this is definitely going to help your client relations!


Allocation, Organisation, Prioritisation

A project coordinator will also ensure your team’s output is kept organised. This will include managing, prioritising and allocating work for you and your team. With multiple parties involved, like web designers and developers in Surrey, having a project coordinator keeps everything running smoothly. Not only will projects be scoped by your project coordinator, but they will also be organised to run smoothly within the set timeline and budget. This means you do not have to worry about scheduling work in a calendar, or juggling resources as this is all done for you. A project coordinator will schedule work to be done while also keeping clients informed on progress. As well as taking on incoming work from new and existing clients. 



Project documentation is probably the most time consuming and dull part of the process. Therefore, creating statements of work, status reports and weekly updates for clients are just a few of the things needed to keep a project running on best practices. With a project coordinator this will all be done for you, leaving you with time for other aspects of your business such as converting leads into clients, and marketing your brand! 

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