While working remotely, which many of us have had to do over the last year, staying in touch with work colleagues is very important. And it’s not just about work related conversations. One thing many people are missing is the office catch-ups or drinks after work. As expert web designers in Surrey we understand the need to stay in touch with your colleagues while working from home:


Voice or Video Meetings

Thanks to the wonders of technology, it’s much easier nowadays to stay in touch with our colleagues. At Thunderbolt, our team gets together everyday in morning and afternoon meetings. This gives us time to go through our tasks for the day and assign any work. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions to our line manager or colleagues. Plus, we get to catch up with each other and have a few ‘water cooler’ moments. Putting voices and faces to a name helps keep more of a personal connection with the people you’re working with too.



While we’re not in the office you must make sure that communication doesn’t fall through the cracks. A simple way to help this issue is to CC all relevant people into the emails you’re sending. So if you’re emailing a client for example, CC the account manager and everyone who works on the account, so they’re all kept informed.



Since working from home, slack has been our best friend. It’s a great way to essentially be able to text everyone who works at your company. You can make group chats to include certain people involved in specific projects or departments. Plus, if you integrate Slack with your Google Calendar like lots of us do, it’ll update your status to let your colleagues know you’re in a meeting, and it’ll send you reminder notifications that your meeting is about to start. 


A Quiz

Here at Thunderbolt, we have a weekly quiz. This is a great opportunity for all of the staff to get together in a much more casual environment. It allows us to keep in touch in a different format, nothing about work, just some good hearted competition and more than a few laughs. 


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