As an award-winning marketing agency in Surrey, we know a thing or two about Social Media ads. Our bread and butter is optimising ads to get the most of your budget, delivering qualified leads and results, and getting the best return on ad spend. But if you’re new to the marketing arena, you may not know where to start. Here’s a guide from our Surrey marketing agency of a few things to consider:


Review past performance 

Before you start your social media ads, take a look at campaigns you’ve done in the past. If this is your first ad, you won’t be able to do this. But it’s something you should implement for your future ads. Take a look at how your previous campaigns performed. The analytics will give you lots of data about what performed the best and what didn’t. Use this information and take into account what went well into your new ads, and improve upon what didn’t go well. 


Consistently Monitor Your Ads

Our Surrey marketing agency knows that a huge part of optimising social media ads is consistent monitoring throughout the campaign. Don’t just let it tick over and then review how it went at the end. Continue to keep an eye on how it’s performing and make any necessary improvements as you go. 



Take a look at previous ads: where do your ads get the most results? If your audience rarely engages with your ads on Instagram, for example, and you don’t see results, it’s not the best use of your budget to advertise on this platform. Try just advertising on other social media platforms and monitor if you get better results. 


A/B Testing

This part is essential. As a Surrey marketing agency we know how important A/B testing is. And it’s something that we continually do. This is so important so you can learn what performs the best, and implement it in future campaigns. A/B testing maximises the chances of your success.



To optimise your ads, think about the headline. Is it as eye-catching as it could be? Is it misleading? Make sure the headline is clear in articulating what your ad is about. Make sure it’s relevant to the landing page that your ad links to. If your ad catches their attention, but they go to the landing page and it’s not at all relevant, they will simply leave. This will have negative impacts on the performance of your ad; as your bounce rate will increase, and your results will go down.



If your cost per result for 45-54 year olds is much lower than other age brackets, consider focusing more of your budget on them. This is a great opportunity to try an A/B test to test whether you will still achieve great results at a lower cost if you only advertise to this group. Consider the interests you have included for your audience. Are they relevant to your ad? If they’re not, consider removing any irrelevant interests. Are there more you can include? Next, take a look at the location you’ve set for your audience. Could you develop a more localised strategy? Or, are there more areas you could include?



A huge factor in whether or not someone will engage with your ad is the visuals. On facebook for example, videos earn the highest engagement rate than any other type of content on Facebook. If your ad is underperforming, consider using a video ad to maximise engagement. Alternatively, if your ad is underperforming, consider the current image or video that you have. Is it eye-catching and engaging? Does it represent your product or service? If it doesn’t, it would be wise to consider changing your visuals. Plus, this is a great opportunity to do an A/B test, and consider the performance of video ads vs image ads on your audience. 


Main Text

If your ad is underperforming, or if you think it could do better, consider the main body of your text. Is it clear and concise? Does it convey what your ad is about? Is it relevant to the landing page of your ad? If it’s not, try reworking and tweaking it to make it better and get better results.


Call to action

This part is something people often forget. But it should not be overlooked. Make sure you have a strong call to action at the end of your ad. This will help tie all the elements of your campaign together. This is a crucial element of your campaign as it let’s users know what they should do next.

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