Here at Thunderbolt we not only do web design in Surrey but we also write blogs as part of our everyday work life for many of our clients’ sites as well as our own. So you could say we’re experts! Here’s a guide on how to write the ‘perfect’ blog.

Web Design in Surrey Experts Take On Blogs

Relaxed Language

Firstly it’s super important to use relaxed language. A blog should feel like a conversation, a really one sided conversation but a conversation nonetheless! Don’t be afraid to get really colloquial with your reader. Use everyday slang, text talk and even more niche references are bound to strike a chord with some of your readers. Just please avoid terms like ‘totes amazeballs’.. 2010 has come and gone guys.



Another thing to consider is how relatable your blog is. You have to pinpoint what relatable content is for your specific site/brand. For example, at Thunderbolt we write a lot about web design in Surrey – it makes sense! After all, no one is going to want to read a blog that has nothing to do with your site or makes no sense to anyone apart from the writer! Truth is, you’re likely to be a prime example of someone who would read one of your blogs, so tap into your inner reader and ask yourself what you would want to read about this week.



You can’t always build a decent backbone of a blog without some facts and figures. This blog breaks this convention entirely, but usually facts and figures are key. The trick is to make your facts and figures interesting and relevant and you’ll probably want to embed the information so it flows nicely for your readers! You get the idea, facts=credibility and enticed readers!



To round off a successful blog you should aim for a sprinkle of light humour. And this is a hard one. In every other semi-professional aspect of life we are told to avoid humour completely – and this is for a good reason. It’s very hard to gauge what lots of people are going to like and so it is a bit of a trial and error situation. You’ll soon find out what does and doesn’t work for your audience so be bold (within reason)!


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