Our Surrey Marketing Agency’s Head of Communications, Lauren, outlines what PR is and how you can use it effectively to elevate your business’s messages and brand positioning.

 Over the last 10 years, the PR space has changed dramatically. Social media has joined traditional media outreach, with Twitter taking off, then the birth of Instagram. Facebook launched in 2004 and remains the foundation of most effective digital marketing efforts globally.

What is PR?

PR or Communications is the way in which a brand presents itself in the public space, and connects to their consumer. It also then naturally positions the brand alongside their competitors. 

PR is an essential element to building a successful brand with longevity. It forms the central pin that aligns all other marketing and promotional efforts to create a harmonious voice in what can be a crowded market. 

Having identified your unique selling points and setting your brand tone, your PR plan should drive these messages and elevate your positioning. 

It’s important to remember that a successful PR campaign looks different to every brand. The strategy needs to be unique to you in order for it to work hard and deliver results. 

What Can PR Do For Your Business?

In the current digital climate, it’s also important to be agile and to adapt to trends. This is one thing that small businesses have the upper hand on as they can be flexible in ways that larger corporate businesses can’t. 

With such a vast media landscape and social influencers increasing their following by the hour, it’s important to funnel your focus so that you remain targeted and that your efforts give the maximum reward for you. 

The Telegraph might draw in thousands of new customers for one brand but a smaller title such as Town & Country might be more relevant for another.

The main goals for an effective PR strategy are:

  • Drive brand messages
  • Position you against competitors in your space
  • Provide authentic trust indicators from independent bodies – i.e product reviews, organic influencer collaboration, etc
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote your product to a wider audience and increase traffic to the brand

Effective PR taps trends without derailing the overarching strategy. This could be a quick Twitter exchange, a social media ‘bomb’ with many posts from influencers on the same day or a push to media outlets that all release across a limited time.

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