Here at Thunderbolt Digital, our Marketing and SEO Surrey team live and breathe the top marketing trends and hacks, ensuring our client’s businesses reach the right people. Here’s a guide of marketing hacks we all use that you may have missed!

Repurposing Content

When the reuse or repurposing of content is mentioned, it’s often followed by a gasp and a shake of the head. This should only be the case if you copy and paste the exact same content.  If you repurpose your content, and it remains relevant, it can target new followers. As well as remind older followers of a particular topic, product, or service. This can send them straight to your website! Not only does it reinforce your message, but it can be hugely beneficial for organic visibility. Keep it interesting by repurposing your content to various formats; blogs to podcasts, social media posts to PR articles. Our SEO Surrey department reminds you to ensure the repurpose or reuse of your content isn’t word for word as this can negatively affect SEO. Make sure to make adjustments to it.

Timing Is Everything

Often, social media posts can get lost in a feed of dinner pics, ads, and cute cat videos (we’re okay with this one), which is why posting at the time your followers are online is key. Use Instagram and Facebook’s Insight tabs to check when your followers are most likely to be on and active. Schedule your posts at these times and they will be appearing as your target audience start scrolling, catching them before their attention span decreases!

Give Them Something To Save

Instagram’s algorithm has changed once again (we’re still quietly mad it’s not gone back to chronological order yet). Saving posts is now the number 1 way to boost engagement, so you need to give your audience a post worth saving. Can you teach them something? Can you share something that’s worth going back to look at? The more content you can post that’s worth saving, the more it will be saved. Furthermore, the more Instagram will push you to the top of people’s feeds. One there, make sure your bio has a call to action potential customers know where to go once they find your page.

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