Thunderbolt Digital know a lot about the nuances of marketing Surrey, including how to implement certain tactics to maximise your exposure and engagement online, as well as drive traffic towards your website. Something we’re a big advocate of our videos, which are one of the best marketing tools out there with high rates of engagement, especially on Youtube and other social media. So, how to best utilise video for your needs and gain the most from them for your business? Well, some good things to keep in mind are…


You should aim to make promotional videos around a minute long; try to balance the message you’re trying to convey with maintaining the audience’s interest! High impact shorter videos can also work to quickly grab attention – see how successful vines were, for example (it can be a good idea to even watch a few to see what made the popular ones go viral). Of course, keeping your videos short isn’t a hard and fast rule, as it really depends on what your video is about; you’ll notice that audiences are far more willing to watch a five or even ten-minute video if it is a something like a DIY or tutorial.

SEO optimisation

In order for your video to be watched, it actually needs to be seen! Ensure to use the proper tags on any social media posts, though if you wish to reach more people you’ll likely have to use advertising on sites like Facebook.

However, if you’re (cross-)posting videos to your website, then you’ll watch Google to be able to crawl them and have them appear in search results, which is why it’s a good idea to transcribe your videos; not only does this make them more accessible to a wider audience, but it improves your SEO score and SERP rankings.


Promotional videos are all well and good, but there are other types of content you should branch out into if you want to grow your brand and expand your audience. A good way to get started is to post how-to videos related to your products or services. Alongside this, you can also do product unboxing and reviews, or even demonstrations, all of which are good ways of establishing yourself as an authority and building trust between you and your audience.
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